World-class leadership in every community.

Who we are & What we do

Kentucky Center for Leadership is a non-profit organization committed to empowering communities for healthy change.

Kentucky has a very diverse population, both ethnically and socially, with unique qualities and needs. There are various programs offering information on resources and opportunities to network. However, there is a void on true leadership education for organizations, enhancement of practical skills for individuals, and opportunities to engage communities to take action on issues. In 2020 professionals from Leadership Strategies Group (LSG) and the Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE) decided to utilize their experience and expertise to fill that gap. A non-profit organization was created under the name of Kentucky Center for Leadership. We have the vision to be the hub for leadership development in Kentucky.

 Everyone, every community, and every organization deserve access to real-life leadership programs. KC4L is leading workshops and programs focused on civic and business leadership, as well as on organizational leadership development. We also organize unique and exclusive events bringing leaders and business people together.

Our Mission

KC4L empowers people to engage, mobilize, and lead communities for
healthy change.

Our Vision

World-class leadership in every community.

Our Purpose

Empowering communities for healthy change.

We Serve…

Our team of qualified consultants and partners takes great pride in providing creative support to our clients, who include:


We build leadership skills through workshops, coaching and personality assessments, helping individuals improve their skills and reach their full capacity. Everyone can seize these opportunities to make progress in their life, organization or community.


We offer leadership development programs customized and tailored to the specific needs of an organization, supporting their mission, vision and strategy. Quite often, we also help them define/develop those core elements for success.


Kentucky Center for Leadership is leading the development of programs focused on civic leadership. We help mobilize people from any background or position to take action on challenges as well as on organizational leadership development.

A4L Workshop Testimonials

Tara Bailey, CEO

Barren County Family YMCA

“A4L was refreshingly different from any other leadership training I have attended. I am inspired to make a difference in areas that I thought were out of my comfort zone. Thank you, KC4L, for a great workshop that I can highly recommend to all my friends regardless of their role in the workplace, community, or personal lives.”

Rob Clayton, Superintendent

Warren County Public Schools

“Action 4 Leadership is a powerful and insightful approach to understanding Adaptive Leadership which has become critical for increasing the leadership capacity of individuals responsible for leading complex organizations, such as a school and school district.”

CheyAnne Fant

“Thoughtful and insightful leadership training. Every community leader should do this.”

Scott Kerley

Kerley Construction Company

“After taking this workshop I feel better equipped to address various leadership challenges. I’m confident utilizing these adaptive leadership concepts will result in better outcomes. I believe every business owner and community leader should take this training at their first opportunity. The A4L instructors are engaging, energetic, and passionate about adaptive leadership. They offer a wealth of knowledge and bring keen insight into the leadership challenges we all face.”

Tony Pelaski

“A perfect balance of classroom and workshop learning. A great experience for leaders at any level!”

Henry Royce

“The dividend you’ll receive from this small investment in time and effort will have big payoffs for whatever endeavor you’re engaged in. Common sense never made so much sense!”

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